Richard Branson’s “Elders,” a who’s who of anti-Israel figures

What’s Richard Branson’s Problem With Israel?
by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach
January 25, 2016

A little known and unfortunate fact about Branson is his strange, anti-Israel opinions and activities that are beneath a man known for having a good and kind heart. In 2007, Branson founded an organization called “The Elders” which was made up of a council of twelve elder statesmen who would serve as “independent global leaders working together for peace and human rights.” One of the top goals and priorities of this organization is to inject themselves into the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and influence its outcome. Branson sits on the The Elders Advisory Council and uses his massive wealth to fund the organization. Unfortunately among the elders that Branson selected for his new group are a Who’s who of some of the most tenacious, anti-Israel public figures in the world today. READ MORE

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