Can we realistically expect Sanders or Clinton will alter these Obama administration policies ?

You Cannot Support Israel’s Existence (and Ours) and Vote Democratic This Election
by Clarice Feldman
February 7, 2016

…The administration’s foreign and domestic policies render ourselves and our allies increasingly powerless to combat Islamic terrorism, and neither of the Democratic candidates is likely to alter that or the president’s patent anti-Israel approach in any substantial measure…Philip Haney, a longtime Department of Homeland Security employee: “After leaving my 15 year career at DHS, I can no longer be silent about the dangerous state of America’s counter-terror strategy, our leaders’ willingness to compromise the security of citizens for the ideological rigidity of political correctness—and, consequently, our vulnerability to devastating, mass-casualty attack. Just before that Christmas Day attack, in early November 2009, I was ordered by my superiors at the Department of Homeland Security to delete or modify several hundred records of individuals tied to designated Islamist terror groups like Hamas from the important federal database…These types of records are the basis for any ability to “connect dots.” READ MORE

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