“The silencing of Jerusalem’s mayor is only symptomatic of the political rot that pervades San Francisco State University” [VIDEO]

San Francisco State University’s selective free speech policy
by Abraham H. Miller
April 18, 2016

When a group of Muslim students and their leftist allies used the illegal heckler’s veto to shut down the speech by Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat at San Francisco State University last week, there should have been no surprise. When the campus police stood by and did nothing to preserve the right of free speech, there also should have been no surprise. This was not the first time the institution turned the rules of law and civility on their head in order to protect the thuggery of those who share the institution’s leftist values. SFSU for decades has been a leftist compliant school that restricts the rights of free speech to preferred minorities and leftist ideologues. There is good reason SFSU has been designated among the top ten anti-Semitic campuses in America. READ MORE

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