Passover, an American holiday

The Israel–Passover-USA linkage
by Yoram Ettinger
April 20, 2016

While Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense” – partially based on the teachings of Moses, Judge Gideon and Prophet Samuel – cemented the 1776 American Revolution against the British crown, the Passover legacy cemented the Jewish Revolution (against the Egyptian crown), Jewish nationhood and the Jewish state. The Passover legacy contributed to the foundation of the culture, justice and liberty of the USA, and the special attitude by the American people towards the Jewish state. According to the late Israeli philosopher/historian, Israel Eldad, the super-natural Passover legacy has accompanied the Jewish people for the last 3,400 years, since the transformation – against seemingly insurmountable odds – from slavery to deliverance and sovereigntyREAD MORE

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