At Vassar and elsewhere “these anti-Semitic hate campaigns could not exist without the compliance, support, and encouragement of the liberals who dominate academia”

Jihadi hate group privileged at Vassar
by Karin McQuillan
May 13, 2016

There is a real hate problem on today’s campuses.  No surprise, the people targeted are the same people who show up at the top of the victims in the FBI’s nationwide hate crime statistics. The hate is not a few scattered individual incidents.  It is organized and well funded on 126 campuses.  This institutionally promoted hate is almost always the recipient of student-funded activities fees.  It is ignored, condoned, and even promoted by college administrators…The Obama administration has unleased Title IX Civil Rights Act threats of federal defunding of campuses for mythical incidents of rape culture, racism, homophobia, and the horror of transgender bathroom angst.  But on the real scourge of actual hate on campuses – jihadi groups promoting crude Nazi-era anti-Semitism – cricketsREAD MORE

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