“Any rational look at the Iran-Nuke deal, or the 2-State solution, would expose both of them to be hoaxes and security nightmares for America and Israel respectively”

The Iran Deal and the 2-State Solution: One ‘Big Lie’ serves another
by Mark Langfan
May 20, 2016

Much has been made out of Obama’s National Security flunky Ben Rhodes‘ fictional imaginary advocacy for Obama’s Iran Nuclear Bomb deal…But no one should think that Ben Rhodes had to work very hard to conjure up the Iranian nuke fabrications that almost all the American Jews and the mainstream media were ready to swallow whole. The reason? It’s simple. Obama’s Iranian Nuclear Bomb Deal “Big Lies” were ripped straight out of the 2-State Solution “Big Lies” that American Jews and the mainstream media have been swallowing whole for decades. In fact, the Israeli Left’s “Big-Lies” on the Two-State Solution laid the necessary foundation for the success of Obama’s “Iran-Nuke Deal.” READ MORE

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