“The death rattle of the pro-Israel consensus”

There’s No Room Left for a Pro-Israel #Democrat
Editorial Board
May 31, 2016

Years ago, ESPN ran a commercial featuring a young man and a young woman cuddling on a sofa. The camera panned out to reveal that he was wearing an Ohio State sweatshirt and she a Michigan sweatshirt. The caption at the end read, “Without sports, this wouldn’t be disgusting.” That commercial illustrates the past two decades of the American political consensus on Israel. Democrats and Republicans may have a bottomless capacity to loathe one another, but they could always be counted on to put on their red and blue sweaters and neck on the couch when Israel was the topic. Congressional resolutions often passed by margins normally reserved for renaming post offices and congratulating sports teams. It’s been a great run. Now it’s over. READ MORE

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