Palestinian Authority security forces extricate two Israelis, hand them unharmed to Israel after crowd surrounds them in the city center

Two Israelis attacked, car torched by Palestinians after entering downtown Ramallah
by Aaron Boxerman
December 1, 2021

Two Israelis were attacked and their car was set ablaze by a crowd of Palestinians after they entered downtown Ramallah on Wednesday night. It was not immediately clear why the two had found themselves near al-Manara Square in the de facto Palestinian Authority administrative capital, well away from the major checkpoints leading to the site. Police identified one of the Israelis as a resident of the West Bank settlement of Shiloh; the other lives in the mostly Ultra-Orthodox Israeli city of Elad. According to an Israeli security official, the two claimed they sought to reach Hashmonaim, a settlement about a half-hour drive away by car. READ MORE

See the video

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