“It’s not encouraging the Biden administration recently warned Israel against sabotaging Iranian nuclear facilities and leaked that Israel was the source of a cyberattack in Iran”

To keep Iran from going nuclear — and prevent war — America must work with Israel
by Michael Makovsky
December 1, 2021

…Israeli defense officials admitted to me they mistakenly believed, following the 2015 deal, that they had more than a decade to prepare for military action. They didn’t anticipate President Donald Trump’s 2018 withdrawal, despite it being then-Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s top priority and a subject of high-level US-Israeli discussions. Israel then had to accelerate planning and preparation, which the lack of a permanent government from 2019 to 2021 undercut. Despite their opposition to the deal, some senior Israeli defense officials acknowledged a new agreement that temporarily slowed or paused Iran’s nuclear program would offer more time to advance operational preparedness. READ MORE

TIMES OF ISRAEL Mossad head vows no Iran nukes ‘ever,’ as credibility of military option scrutinized David Barnea says agency will ‘do everything needed to alleviate threat,’ but air force head won’t say if Israel can destroy Iran’s program and report claims IDF has no strike plan

ALGEMEINER ‘Nuclear Blackmail’: Israel Calls for End of Iran Talks in Vienna After IAEA Revelations Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett urged the United States to “immediately” halt ongoing indirect talks in Vienna between Iran and world powers, following fresh revelations of Tehran’s uranium enrichment violations. “Iran is carrying out ‘nuclear blackmail’ as a negotiation tactic and this must be met with an immediate cessation of negotiations and by concrete steps taken by the major powers,” Bennett told US Secretary of State Antony Blinken during a phone conversation.

JNS In Europe, Lapid seeks to establish coalition of nations to oppose Iran’s nuclear ambitions Against the backdrop of the revived nuclear talks in Vienna, Israeli Foreign Affairs Minister Yair Lapid engaged in a round of high-profile meetings with British officials on Monday, followed by a meeting in Paris on Tuesday with French President Emmanuel Macron.

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