After being pulled by YouTube, it’s back online: Born to Hate Jews [VIDEO]

How do devout Muslims born in the West feel about Jews? How do they feel about Western values in general? Kasim Hafeez, who was raised a devout Muslim in England, explains. I was born to hate Jews. It was part of my life. I never questioned it. I was not born in Iran or Syria. I was born in England.

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1 Response to After being pulled by YouTube, it’s back online: Born to Hate Jews [VIDEO]

  1. judy says:

    The video of Kassim Hafeez really warmed my heart. This eloquent British Muslim university graduate has done the brave act of speaking out against the rising tide of Israel Hating and anti-semitism. What courage it takes to unlearn and then relearn!. I wish that more people who hear him will take the opportunity to learn more about Israel and visit to see for themselves. It is so easy to fall into the trap of stereotypical thinking of good and bad.The Middle East is in such terrible turmoil where so many people are being slaughtered close to the borders of Israel. The dangers are pulpable but the Israeli Jewish, Muslim and Christian populations live and thrive together in a society,whilst not perfect,upholds democratic law for the good and benefit of all its citizens. It is too long already that the troubles in the Middle East have been blamed on the formation of the State of Israel-this argument,in light of the historical tribal split of Sunna and Shia which is approximately 1500 years old, is now being proven to be totally incorrect.


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