Is this “who we are”?: It’s not consistent with “Jewish values’ to bring to the US people who want to destroy those values

Do Jews Defend their Values by Helping anti-Semites immigrate to America ?
by Jonathan Bronitsky
December 5, 2016

The Jewish community, though, has made it clear that opening America’s doors to Syrian refugees is one of its defining prioritiesOK, but what if the stranger, the orphan, or the widow hates you? Jewish liberals (and others on the left) have similarly programmatic retorts to that question, expressly with respect to the resettlement of Syrians. “How do you know that mostSyrians (i.e., Muslims) are dangerous? How do you know that their outlook is socontrary to our own?” Well, we know that the overwhelming majority of Middle Easterners are anti-Semitic because the ADL tells us so. And what better authority to trust than “the world’s leading organization fighting anti-Semitism”? READ MORE

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