“No one familiar with #Obama’s biography can be surprised by his acquiescence in the anti-Jewish politics of grievance and blame…In failing to stand up to Israel’s and America’s common foes, he’s failed the country that elected him its leader”

Free Speech and Anti-Semitism
by Ruth Wisse
December 29, 2016

Protean anti-Semitism spans the political spectrum and blames Jews for whatever they are said to represent. Long before the Holocaust, anti-Semitism spawned its successor anti-Zionism. When the mufti of Jerusalem instigated massacres of the Jews of Palestine in 1929, the Soviet leader Joseph Stalin hailed them as harbingers of a Communist revolution, charging Palestinian Jews with imperialism and laying the groundwork for the Soviet-Arab alliance that later dominated the U.N. Thus was a form of politics designed in Europe and organized against Jews in their dispersion reorganized against Jews gathered in their homeland. READ MORE

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