#CUFI’s DC Fly-in: “When we learned what had happened at the United Nations, we decided that this is what CUFI was born to do – rally to Israel’s side in times of crisis and political need, to support them and speak up for them and defend them with every ounce of capacity we have”

After Obama’s Betrayal Of The Jewish State, Christians Gathered in D.C. To Fight Back
by Paul Miller
January 13, 2017

With only a few days’ notice, over 250 Christians from across the country placed their lives on hold and answered what many described as a “calling” to come to Washington D.C. and lobby support for Israel. The “marching orders” came from Pastor John Hagee, chairman of Christians United for Israel. To give his 3.3 million members a more active voice in Washington, CUFI recently launched the CUFI Action Fund. Hagee declared: “Millions of Christian Zionists across the country are incensed at the Obama administration’s treatment of Israel, and we will make our voices heard both in the halls of Congress and at the ballot box. The days of appeasing Israel’s enemies and undermining the US-Israel alliance are over.” Christian leaders gathered Tuesday evening at the Hyatt Regency Capitol Hill for what Hagee characterized as a “pep rally” before the “big game.” READ MORE

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