Rashid Khalidi worried about Jews who will be “infesting” the US Government. What do you do with infestations? You exterminate of course.

Columbia Professor: Pro-Israel People “Are Going to Infest Our Government”
by Staff
January 18, 2017

A Columbia University professor who has campaigned for boycotts of Israel said in a radio interview on Tuesday that supporters of Israel are going to “infest” the United States government after Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration. Rashid Khalidi, a professor of Arab studies at Columbia University, was interviewed on the Chicago public radio station WBEZ about Israeli-American relations and the negative reaction to last month’s United Nations Security Council resolution condemning Israeli activities in eastern Jerusalem and the West Bank. “There are a group of people, a lot of them in Israel and some of them in the United States, who live in a world of their own,” Khalidi claimed. READ MORE

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