American Jews: The Last Leftist Jews in the World

by Daniel Greenfield
May 18, 2015

Clip on a nametag, pick up a paper cup of lukewarm water and you can sit down in the audience at a thousand liberal Jewish establishment panels where the likes of Peter Beinart or Jeffrey Goldberg will sanctimoniously lecture their bored audience on the growing gap between American Jews and Israel. Yawn through the usual references to “settlements”, “democratic character” and “one state solution.” Wake up just in time for the sales pitch for J Street and tough love BDS for the Jewish State…. The gap isn’t between Israeli and American Jews; it’s between American Jews and the rest of the world….BDS, Open Hillel and J Street are not the future of the Jewish people. They are the dying gasps of a discredited ideology desperately assembling a last stand against the Jewish State and the Jewish people. READ MORE

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