Outraged Jews have their Holocaust analogies confused — it’s more Christians and Yazidis that are targeted for genocide than Muslims

The Lessons of Roosevelt’s Failures
by Caroline Glick
January 30, 2017

…The American Jewish uproar at Trump’s actions shows first and foremost the cynicism of the leftist Jewish leadership. It isn’t simply that left-wing activists like Hetfield and Eisner cynically ignore that Trump’s order is based on Obama’s policies, which they didn’t oppose. It is that in their expressed concerned for would-be Muslim refugees to the US they refuse to recognize that the plight of Muslims as Muslims in places like Syria and Iraq is not the same as the plight of Christians and Yazidis as Christians and Yazidis in these lands. The “Jews” in the present circumstances are not the Muslims, who are nowhere targeted for genocide. The “Jews” in the present circumstances are the Christians and Yazidis and other religious minorities, whom Trump’s impassioned Jewish opponents and Obama’s impassioned Jewish champions fail to defend. READ MORE

ELDER OF ZIYON Stop Comparing Trump To Hitler; London Mayor Hosts 11 Nations Who Ban Israelis

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