Bibi-Trump meeting: “Not only have the eight years of the Obama administration become history, even Bill Clinton’s era now sounds obsolete and detached from reality”

Trump is good for the Jews
by Boaz Bismuth
February 16, 2017

If anyone had any doubt that U.S. President Donald Trump would be good for Israel, the press conference in the White House before his meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu proved as much, despite the cries of “anti-Semitism in America” heard since Trump won the elections. A new era has begun in Washington, a much more refreshing one. The press conference with Trump and Netanyahu was a U-turn from everything we have heard, known, understood and considered for decades. For the most part, the ideas of the two-state solution for peace, road maps, multilateral negotiations, international initiatives, threats of sanctions against Israel, fingers of blame pointed at the settlements, have become irrelevant, or at best, secondary. READ MORE

JERUSALEM POST Netanyahu to Trump: Recognize Golan Heights as part of Israel

ARUTZ SHEVA ‘Why ask for recognition of Golan Heights but not Jerusalem?’

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