Trump’s approach to Iran, Syria, and Israel “looks a lot like the old president’s—because the same people are implementing it”

Will Obama’s Foreign Policy Wizards Save Trump?
by Lee Smith
March 15, 2017

After excoriating Barack Obama’s foreign policy, including his realignment in the Middle East, Trump has yet to nominate any officials below the cabinet level at the State Department or the Pentagon, which means there is no one to formulate Trump’s own foreign policy, never mind implement it. To fill the growing vacuum at the center of American power, the Trump White House is now handing over key foreign-policy positions to Obama administration re-treads who handled the very same portfolios under the previous president. Trump’s tough-as-nails “America first” foreign policy is starting to look like Obama Lite—the exact same policies, implemented by the exact same people. READ MORE

PJ MEDIA  More Evidence That Trump National Security Advisor McMaster Shares Obama’s Views on Islam and Terror

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