#BDSFail: Why you should invest in companies that BDS boycotts

Invest in BDS — Boycotted Companies Make Lots of Money
by Elder of Ziyon
April 26, 2017

Yesterday, Caterpillar announced much better financial results than were anticipated, and its stock price rose by nearly 8%. half-jokingly tweeted that a smart investor should look carefully at any company that BDSers want to boycott, because it might be a great investment. So I decided to test my theory. Here are all of the publicly traded companies that I could find on the BDSList.org website. I’ve also listed their stock prices from a year ago and today, with the percentage gained or lost. (Some companies are only listed on the Tel Aviv Exchange.)  If you would have invested equal amounts in all of these companies a year ago, you would have made an astounding 50% profit. READ MORE

AG: I can personally validate the efficacy of of this strategy. I bought SodaStream June 2016 at $21. It’s now trading at $55. And I’m an architect, not some stock genius.

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