“Every one of the pro-terrorist policies Arafat carried out following the Oslo Accords was supported and facilitated by his number two man, Mahmoud Abbas”

Trump’s Arafat problem
by Stephen M. Flatow
May 10, 2017

White House officials say they foiled a plan by the Palestinian Authority (PA) to have President Donald Trump walk near the tomb of Yasser Arafat when Trump visits Israel and the disputed territories later this month. Supposedly, the PA wanted to photograph Trump with the tomb in the background. I wouldn’t put it past the PA to concoct a scheme of this nature. Staging photographs, faking photographs, lying about photographs—it’s all old hat for the PA. But keeping Arafat’s tomb out of the picture will not resolve Trump’s Arafat problem. Last week, Trump embraced and praised Arafat’s loyal, longtime number two man, PA President Mahmoud Abbas. READ MORE

TIMES OF ISRAEL Mr. Trump, on Jerusalem just do nothing

FREE BEACON Trump Admin Still Considering Moving U.S Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem

ALGEMEINER Israel Denies Receiving Message From Trump Administration That Embassy Will Not Be Moved to Jerusalem

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