Dermer at Yeshiva University: “In so many ways, you are the most blessed generation of Jews in over 2,000 years”

Ambassador Ron Dermer’s Yeshiva Commencement Address
May 25, 2017

 Individually, Israel has made things possible that would have been unimaginable to your ancestors. If you want to pray at the Kotel, you only need to board a plane. If you want to spend a year studying in Israel, you only need to convince your parents to foot the bill…[I]n the years ahead, always remember that your grandparents and their grandparents going back over 20 centuries would have given anything to trade their problems with yours. 100 generations of Jews dreamed of living at a time when there would be a sovereign Jewish state. You have the privilege of living that dream. But with that privilege comes an awesome responsibility to secure that dream for generations to come. And that responsibility falls on each and every one of you. READ MORE

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