#PalestinianTerror Border Police officer murdered in Jerusalem; three terrorists shot and killed [VIDEO]

Border Police officer killed in Jerusalem terror attack
by Daniel J. Roth, Eytan Halon
June 17, 2017

A female Border Police officer died after succumbing to her wounds following a suspected coordinated terror attack carried out by three assailants in multiple areas of the Old City in Jerusalem. Staff Sergeant Major Hadas Malka, 23, was taken to the emergency care unit at nearby Hadassah University Medical Center in critical condition after sustaining multiple stab wounds during the attack. Hospital officials later pronounced her dead after failing to save her life. Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack that killed Border Police officer Hadas Malka in a statement posted by Amaq, the group’s news agency. The attack “will not be the last,” said the statement. READ MORE

YNET Hadas Malka, the soldier who died fighting a terrorist

TIMES OF ISRAEL Friends mourn Hadas Malka, stabbed to death near Old City, as ‘a true Wonder Woman’

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