Bibi seemed to be saying: “Look, I can’t do this by myself, and General Gantz can’t do this by himself. So we’re going to have to end up, one way or another, doing it together”

Of the 3 Dramas That Grip the Globe, Israel’s May Take the Cake
September 26, 2019

Of the three political dramas gripping the world right now, the most astounding may be in Israel, where President Rivlin, after the second election stalemate in five months, has just invited the incumbent prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, to try to form a government….To complicate matters, it looks like Mr. Netanyahu is about to get indicted for bribery and other matters. He would be immune while he’s prime minister, but could not remain as premier — or any other minister — if he’s under indictment. No one wants to go back to a third election, no matter how vibrant Israel’s democracy. So what does Mr. Rivlin, the head of state of the Jewish state, see as a way forward that will thread all of this. READ MORE

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