WonderWoman: “Israeli feminism is not the fake and shallow brand we see in the West, but a practical kind in which women are treated as people first rather than shamed for expressions of their femininity”

The thing about Wonder Woman
by Annika Hernroth-Rothstein
June 23, 2017

“Wonder Woman” did not just put an extra spring in my step, it made me wonder what it is about Israel that creates women like Gadot, or for that matter, women in ‎leadership positions all across the social and political spectrum. One the one hand, it ‎could be the fact that the divisions of gender are secondary to the greater divide ‎created by the conflict and the constant presence of real and present danger but on the ‎other, that is probably just part of the truth. Israeli women are shaped by the equality of ‎military service, a fact that cannot be overestimated, as girls at an early age learn to focus ‎on something much greater and more important than their appearance and to garner both ‎physical and mental strength that shapes how they approach the world. ‎READ MORE

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