“American Jews ought to recognize the State of Israel is by far the most extraordinary Jewish accomplishment of the past 2,000 years, and that it has changed the existential condition of being Jewish everywhere”

Israelis don’t care that you’re insulted: An open letter to American Jews
by Daniel Gordis
July 3, 2017

…It’s complicated, of course. On one hand, American Jews are not citizens of Israel, and do not – and should not – have a vote on most of Israel’s policies, domestic or foreign. There is a difference between being a citizen and not being a citizen. On the other hand, though, American Jews have long felt deeply connected to Israel. …You feel pride in Israel’s extraordinary accomplishments, worry when Israel faces frightening threats, and feel ashamed when Israel makes bad decisions [actually this reader does not feel ashamed in those cases, but I know many who do]. READ MORE

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