“At a time when Temple membership is floundering across the nation, why would any rabbi antagonize part of their congregation because of their personal political views?”

Divided Over Rabbi Not Wanting to Spew Politics from the Pulpit
by Bruce Bialosky
July 2, 2017

A recent furor has erupted in the Jewish Community and the Jewish Press because a nationally-known pulpit Rabbi, David Wolpe, wrote a column for The Jewish Journal of Los Angeles published on June 7 entitled Why I Keep Politics Off the Pulpit. This caused a backlash from other rabbis defending not only their right, but the need, for their politics to be preached to their congregants…Wolpe wrote “All we hear all day long is politics. Can we not come to shul for something different, something deeper? I want to know what my rabbi thinks of Jacob and Rachel, not of Pence and Pelosi.” READ MORE

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