“We have had 9 years since North Korea was removed from the list and the world is far the worse for it”

North Korea Must Be Restored To The List
by Nitsana Darshan-Leitner
July 7, 2017

Year after year, Western containment and appeasement policy in North Korea has failed. North Korea is undaunted by threats, defiantly spreading terror throughout the world, while using the intimidation of nuclear war to sustain itself by holding its terrified neighbors to ransom. Today, Kim Jong-un heads a regime that is essentially a familial cult, where the only things that matter are personal wealth and self-preservation, remaining indifferent as its people choke and starve under its oppression. It is a state where its own population is dispensable, hostages to a tyrant who like his father and grandfather before him cares not for North Koreans but only for stroking his own ego and despotic tendencies. READ MORE

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