“The source of Arab murderousness isn’t despair, but rather delusional hope of kicking us out of our land” [VIDEO]

Sovereignty, not hesitation
by Dror Eydar
July 23, 2017

Now that the metal detectors on the Temple Mount have been splattered with the blood of murdered Jews — a grandfather, a father and a sister slaughtered at the hands of a miserable wretch who unfortunately stayed alive (why?!) — to back down and remove them would be shameful and a disgrace, as well as a legitimization of bloodshed. Furthermore, anyone who thinks that removing the metal detectors will diminish the desire to murder Jews among those who wish to destroy us is dangerously mislead…In reality, the weakness of our response (what the brainwashing machine calls “moderation”) contains within it the seeds of terror. READ MORE

TIMES OF ISRAEL The problem with the metal detectors is that they are Jewish

LEGAL INSURRECTION Palestinian teen butchers Israeli family, his mom is proud

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