“16 years after 9/11, Israel remains America’s most reliable and effective ally in what used to be called the War on Terror”

Israel Rescues the Middle East, Again
by Sohrab Ahmari
September 11, 2017

…The Arab world continues to radiate danger and instability; wide swaths of the Middle East and Africa are ungoverned; vicious new Islamist outfits have eclipsed al-Qaeda; the civil war in Syria continues to rage, and millions of desperate people are on the move. The successes that do come the West’s way are tentative and incomplete at best. But we should still celebrate them. Last week’s apparent Israeli airstrike in Syria was one such victory. In the early hours on Thursday, Israeli warplanes targeted a Syrian military position near the town of Masyaf, in Hama province…Yes, Jerusalem has had its own security interests in mind in all of these instances. But in protecting itself, the Jewish state has prevented the region’s various crises spiraling from the merely awful to the truly catastrophicREAD MORE

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