Bernie Sanders: “U.S. is complicit in Israel’s occupation of West Bank”

Bernie Sanders Says He Would Consider Cutting U.S. Military Aid to Israel, Improve Ties With Iran
by Amir Tibon
September 23, 2017

Senator and former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders said in an interview published Friday that the United States should “play a much more evenhanded role” in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and that, under certain circumstances, he would consider reducing the yearly $3.1 billion in military aid provided by the U.S. to Israel, part of a record $38 billion package over the coming decade. Sanders made the comments during an interview on foreign policy to the left-wing website The Intercept. Commenting on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Sanders said that “the United States is complicit” in Israel’s occupation of the West Bank, but immediately added that “it’s not to say that Israel is the only party at fault.” READ MORE

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