“American and Israeli lawmakers will jointly push for a new paradigm for the peace process conjured up by the Israel Victory Project”

The Knesset Israel Victory Caucus
A briefing by Oded Forer
November 8, 2017

Ze’ev Jabotinsky, author, soldier, and Zionist leader, introduced his Iron Wall doctrine in a 1923 essay, which maintained that Arab acquiescence in the Jewish right to statehood would only follow upon the establishment of an unassailable Jewish power base – military, political, and diplomatic. This logic informs today’s Israel Victory Project, namely that only a decisive Israeli victory will drive the Palestinians to accept Israel as the state of the Jewish People, with Jerusalem as its capital, as the realization of the Jews’ historic right to national revival in their ancestral homeland. The reentry of the Iron Wall doctrine into the Israeli political discourse is a corollary of the collapse of the Oslo process, which enabled Yasser Arafat to win Israeli concessions while sustaining his violent drive for Israel’s destruction in line with the PLO’s 1974 Phased Strategy. READ MORE

JERUSALEM POST Israeli, American Lawmakers to Push ‘Victory over Palestinians’ Paradigm in US Events

JERUSALEM JOURNAL Dexter Van Zile: It is Time to Bring Temple Mount’s Islamic Waqf to Judgment

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