“The Reform Movement–and 80 percent of American Jewry–has ceded sovereignty over Jerusalem to the Palestinians” [VIDEO]

Reform Movement Backs Palestinians against Israel on Jerusalem
by Evelyn Gordon
December 6, 2017 

That Arab and European leaders are protesting President Trump’s intent to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital is no surprise. Nor is it any surprise that groups like J Street and Jewish Voice for Peace joined them. I was, however, genuinely shocked that the leader of America’s largest Jewish denomination also joined the denunciations. Until recently, any mainstream American Jewish leader would have been embarrassed to oppose U.S. recognition of Jerusalem publicly. And yet, it’s of a piece with recent decisions by non-Orthodox Hillel directors to bar mainstream Israelis from speaking on campus…READ MORE

NATIONAL REVIEW Who’s Playing Politics on Israel? “Liberals accused Trump of putting politics above diplomacy when he recognized Jerusalem as the Jewish state’s capital. Pot, meet kettle”

BLOOMBERG Trump’s Move Frees Palestinians to Focus on Peace, Not Jerusalem

THE HILL Ben Shapiro, a vocal Trump critic, continues to make the distinction between “Bad Trump” and “Good Trump”. Wednesday was a “Good Trump” day.

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