Chanukah 2017: Hellenized Jews viewpoints “more “sophisticated” and more universalistic than the structured, rule-driven, and limiting vision of G-d’s covenant”

Chanukah 2017: The Modern-Day Hellenizers And The Issue of Jerusalem
by Elliott Hamilton
December 12, 2017

While most Jews learn that Chanukah represents the Jewish people’s triumphant victory over the Seleucid Empire, the truth is that the Maccabean Revolt was one of the greatest examples of fratricide between different camps of Jews in Judea…Despite the freedom the Jewish people possessed to maintain their traditions, many Jews opted out of their culture to adopt Hellenized customs and beliefs. The Hellenized Jews, in turn, managed to acquire more power and influence amongst their Greek conquerors than the High Priest of Jerusalem. It was not the first time that the Jewish people found themselves divided in its history, but the significance of the rise of Hellenized Jewry changes how we understand the story of Chanukah. READ MORE

FREE BEACON Jewish Studies Scholars Sign Statement Condemning Recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital

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