The Trump-Jerusalem story again proves “oversaturation of reporters leads to inflation of coverage”

The Media’s Mistaken Predictions About Jerusalem Violence After Trump Prove It Is Biased on Israel/Palestine
by Yair Rosenberg
December 13, 2017

…”Much of what the media would later present to viewers and readers abroad from Jerusalem’s post-Trump aftermath was staged for journalists’ benefit. As a result, initial press accounts greatly inflated the actual unrest in the city itself, which barely materialized in the first place and quickly dissipated. Thus, the media both predicted and reported a largely illusory outcry. This is not a new phenomenon. The combination of the massively disproportionate number of journalists in Israel/Palestine with the relative paucity of actual action on the ground inevitably leads to magnification of every solitary spark—even when it is not actually newsworthy, and even when it is largely staged. READ MORE

DR MORDECHAI KEDAR BLOG List of Reasons Why all Foreign Countries Should Follow President Trump on Jerusalem

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