Palestinian frustration isn’t that they don’t have a state. Rather it’s that they can’t destroy Israel

February 3, 2016

Dear Mr. Henderson,

As a regular watcher of cable news, I have particularly appreciated Fox News, as not just “fair, balanced and unafraid”, but also as accurate.  For that reason, I felt triply dismayed by Conor Powell’s repetition as fact, after the unprovoked murder of Israelis stopping a terrorist attack on February 3, the often repeated but bogus Palestinian claim that “these attacks have been (driven)…by the frustration of individual Palestinians. They say this frustration stems from the lack of prospects for an independent Palestinian state and the growth of Israeli settlements in the West Bank. It fuels this wave of violence…”

Ironically, that same date the column I have copied below appeared in the Wall Street Journal.  The author is executive director of an organization that monitors and translates what the Arabs, especially the Palestinian Arabs, say to each other.  I don’t know if Mr. Powell speaks Arabic, but I would hope a Fox News reporter would know there can be differences.

For 70 years the Arabs have refused to accept statehood, if it allows for the existence of Israel.   Even after the creation of the PLO in 1964, when there were no Israelis or Jews in the Old City, the West Bank or Gaza, indeed, no “occupation” as the term is commonly carelessly used, there was no genuine peace. There was also no push for a Palestinian state.  Even today, the Palestinian position rejects, not just now but going forward, a two state solution if one of those is a Jewish Israel.

And as Steve Stalinsky’s column illustrates, the Palestinian frustration is not that they have no state.  Rather, it is that they are not able to destroy Israel.  That is essentially what their leaders say when they talk to each other, not naive and accepting Western journalists. Please share this column with Mr. Powell and his colleagues.  Perhaps you would even like to  prepare a story on this blatant hatred, which has begun to appear in other countries, including our own.  That would be fair, balanced and unafraid.

John R. Cohn, M.D.
1015 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107

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