Nikki Haley vetoes UN resolution: No one will tell the US where it can put its embassy [VIDEO]

US vetoes UNSC resolution calling on Trump to withdraw J’lem recognition
by Herb Keinon
December 18, 2017

Casting America’s first veto in the UN in six years, US ambassador Nikki Haley voted against a draft resolution on Monday – which garnered the support of all 14 other members of the Security Council – calling on US President Donald Trump to withdraw recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. “This is not something that the United States does often,” Haley said of the US veto after the vote. “We do it with no joy, but we do it with no reluctance. The fact that this veto is being done in defense of American sovereignty and in defense of America’s role in the Middle East peace process is not a source of embarrassment for us; it should be an embarrassment to the remainder of the Security Council.” READ MORE

GATESTONE Dershowitz: The Conflict over Jerusalem Is ALL Obama’s Fault. The US acted properly in vetoing a misguided UN Security Council resolution designed to undo President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

COMMENTARY Nikki Haley: A Diplomat who Delivers

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One Response to Nikki Haley vetoes UN resolution: No one will tell the US where it can put its embassy [VIDEO]

  1. Post-Dec. 19th 2017
    1. Sorry. I write so many about the Quran and the Islam but I am not sure that everybody knows what the principles of the Islam are. So, please let me explain you the situation and the relations between the different religions. So, the Islam is the top religion of all others. According to their theory the Judaism was established 1st, with all the written in the Bible/Torah. Whether you know what is written there or not, it does not matter. What matters is the sequence of the time. From the Judaism was born its young sister-the Christianity. The Old Testament is the translated Bible. Then came all other small religions. All of them are based on the Bible. You can find in all of them the same stories that you find in the Bible. Then, the last one was the Islam. It came out by a man called Muhammad. He was born and grown up in Mecca, in S. Arabia. He was not that acceptable by his friends, so they rejected/neglected him. But he insisted that he was a prophet and that he had a new religion. He thought that it was the best one. His religion was based on many stories. He had a very good friend, Jewish. His name was Qaba. Muhammad asked Qaba what was written in the Bible one by one. So, the Bible became the base of 2 other religions: Christianity and Islam. Muhammad applied to people and told them the stories from the Quran/Bible. They sent him to hell as for them it was the Bible. After 8 years of failed trials.ile people were joking of him, he decided to relocate and he moved to Medina, the 2nd holy city in S. Arabia. There he found a very fertile soil. But he was not, still, very attractive, so he decided to change the concept of the Islam. He said that the Islam was issued by God because the other religions, Judaism, Christianity and all other failed. According to him the Islam was the new religion that came out because the failures of the others. The people in Medina liked this version and from this time the Islam started to fly. The Islam caught in S, Arabia. But there was a problem that the Arabs disliked Muhammad because of his deeds. So they forced him to leave S. Arabia and he escaped to Jerusalem. He spent in Jerusalem sometime. Jerusalem was never mentioned in the Quran and it didn’t become holy city (like the Arabs claim today). Now, because the Islam is recognized, by the Muslims the upgraded/top……religion, they must be always at the top. So, where there were synagogues and or Churches, in order to in the top they construct another layer of building and these were the Mosques. This way they went from one place to another and spread the Islam. This was why Jerusalem became holy. They saw that Jerusalem was that holy for the Jews, so they built their Mosques on top of the Wailing/ Western Wall. Since then, without any relations/contacts/reason Jerusalem became the 3rd holiest city for the Muslims. Jerusalem, along the history and in spite of the many years, on and off, that Arabs/Muslims occupied Jerusalem it was never a major/holy city in the Islam. For many years, while Jerusalem, was under the Jordanian occupation, it was very dirty and nobody even thought of turning it into holy city.

    2. Now, after you understand the creation of the Islam you can understand the fight in the UN concerning the place of Jerusalem in the history of the Jews compare to the Muslims. While Jerusalem was never mentioned in the Quran it was mentioned in the Bible not less than 722 times. It is the city that Jews facing when they pray. It is the city where the 2 Jewish temples were built/standing.

    3. One more word about Palestine. The name “Palestine” was given to the region of Israel by the British when they were occupying this place after they conquered it from the Ottomans (Turkey). But the original place of “Palestine” was the part of Eurasia, from Turkey and to the east. So, the name Palestine has nothing to do with Israel. The name Palestinians has nothing to do wi9th the Arabs as they are not Palestinians at all. They are a mixture of tribes that most of them have no connection with each other. They don’t recognize each other, they don’t live together and they fight each other.

    4. The difference between the Arabs can be identifying immediately by checking the marriage between the different tribes. If there are mixed marriages, between different families and/or tribes it means that there is one people. But, if each tribe is managing its own independence and there are only inter-tribe marriages-it means that it is a tribe, not a people. This is what happening in the Islam. There is no contact with each other. They fight each other for land and they kill for nothing. OK, this is the order in the Quran. So, they obey the Quran, fully, but only if it is war-related. You can never find peace that last for a long time.

    5. The Israeli as well as the world’s problem is that the Muslims, mainly the Arabs, mainly the NP (None Palestinians as you will, learn from the following-provided you read it carefully) are the creation of new history/facts/evidences by the NP as well as the Arab/Muslim world that follow them strictly. Here are some solid facts that will give the reader a clue of what I mean. 5.1 The Muslims converted the Biblical people from Canaan into Arabs. 5.2 They converted Jesus into Palestinian who preached to Islam. 5.3 As for them Moses was Muslim. 5.4 The Muslims Islamized the tomb of Rachel in Beit Lehem. 5.5 They “cancelled”, with the assistance of Unesco, the Jews connection to the mount temple, to the Western wall and to Jerusalem with all the history that is documented in many history and religion books. 5.6 They claim that they were in Canaan ahead of the Jews. 5.7 They claim that the new/refurbished/patched history that they submit now is authentic. 5.8 They claim now that the old Kumaran scrolls, that are 2100 years old, are Palestinian heritage. 5.9 there are Imams that recognize Abraham as the one that build “Al Aqsa” mosque, 4000 years ago. 5.10 The Supreme Muslim Council of the NP Authority that decided/declared that the Arabs settled Canaan 7500 years ago. So on and so on. Lies on lies. A hump of lies. After reading and learning the NP claims/pretensions to have Israel theirs, it is essential to bring counter versions. These versions are documented very clearly in modern documenting means like the following: 5.11 In her book, From Time Immemorial Joan Peters bring documented evidences that the Arabs are just lately immigrants from the neighborhood Arab states. 5.12 Mark Twain in his memories of his travel in Israel in 1867 mention that the state was almost empty of Arabs and he saw here and there Jewish settlements. 5.13 the 2 Israeli researchers, Prof. Rafi Israeli and Dr. Shaul Bartal investigated the history and came to the conclusion that the Arabs were immigrated from S. Arabia, Egypt, Syria and N. Africa. The NP themselves give the best answer to the existence of Arabs in Israel in the ancient times. Fathi Hamed was the minister of interior affairs in the Hamas Gov. He said the following: “when new call you for help it is in order to continue the Jihad. Thanks God,. All of us have Arab roots. Every Palestinian in Gaza and in Palestine can proof its Arab roots. Whether it is from Yemen and/or S. Arabia and/or any other Arab state….. More than 10 families/tribes in Gaza are called Masri. This means that they came from Masr which is Egypt in Arabic. Half of the Palestinians are Egyptians and half Saudis….” More: 5.14 Azmi Bshara was an Arab Knesset (Parliament of Israel) member that was convicted in spy and helping the Hezbollah. He left Israel forever. “The Palestinian movement is competing for the past with the Zionism, anchored its early days with the Canaan people. This way the Palestinians got a source of legitimacy to the past that is earlier than the Hebrew/Jewish tribes that according to the Jews version is the natural continuation of the old/ancient Jews…..” More: 5.15 Walid Shueibat was a Muslim believer and Fatah activist. He converted to Christianity. He immigrated to USA and there he researched his roots. “….We knew very well that our roots were not from Canaan, although of all their efforts to teach us that were from Palestine….”. More: 5.16 Salma Fiumi is an Arab Israeli citizen. She says the following: “….the food that we eat, the rice is cooked in an Egyptian style. My family came from Al Fium in Egypt. Therefore my name is Fiumi. There are more evidences. So, the conclusion, after reading/learning the facts and the evidences that the NP are really None Palestinians. So, they can’t claim for things that does not belong to them and therefore they must honor, the way that they want to be honored, the history and the international laws. The Muslims will return to their original states and the Jews will have their states that was promised to the Jews in the Bible, by Muhammad, By the different UN committees, by the honorable Lord Balfour by the UN in 1947 and lately by President trump. The Jews deserve it and it will come even if it will take another 1000 years. The Jews will settle Israel and its capital-East and West Jerusalem.

    6. Now it’s Hanukah. The miracle of Hanukah I already explained. Now there is one more, a small one, but a step towards peace. In Calcutta, India, there was a big community of Jews. They left India. But the Jewish schools still exist/operate there for the small Jewish that still live there. The Jewish schools, due to their good education are occupied by Muslims. They prefer to go to Jewish schools than to Muslim schools, that are many more. Now, in Hanukah, there is a certain ceremony that ate in the procedure of this holiday. After lighting the candles there are songs of Hanukah that describe the miracle. These songs were sung in the ceremony in one of the schools. The singers were, hold yourself very well, the Muslim students choir. To me it means very much, that the Indian Muslim are not anti-Semitic, as they see that the Muslims can live in peace with the Jews and that the ceremony give joy to them as well as in the Islam there are no such happy/colorful/meaningful celebrations.
    So, finally, I want to thank you for reading the posts and to ask you to share them if you see them interesting
    To ask you to buy Israeli products
    To wish you Happy Hanukah and Merry Christmas
    In friendship


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