“Spewing that “Zionism is racism,” she falsely correlated Israel with “white supremacy””

Anti-Israel San Francisco State Professor Is Always the Victim
by Andrew E. Harrod
December 27, 2017

Rabab Abdulhadi later declared: “It is really important to contest the colonial narrative” of Zionism in the Holy Land, and celebrate the “multiple stories that defy the story of submission, subjugation and defeat.” One of her slides displayed the violent slogan, “My heroes have always killed colonizers”…Deceptively associating criticism with censorship, Abdulhadi whined that the “Israel lobby” seeks “to silence anybody who does scholarship, pedagogy, research or advocacy on justice in and for Palestine.” Smearing Israel as an apartheid state, she claimed that the “lobby” wants “to basically cover up and apologize for Israeli atrocities,” and “stop the tide of history… because we know what happened in the 1980s with the anti-apartheid movement” against South Africa. . READ MORE

DAILY NEWS Leila Beckwith & Tammi Rossman-Benjamin: Anti-Israel bias reigns at Columbia

DAILY WIRE Abraham H. Miller: From Berkeley To Europe: The Normalization Of Anti-Semitism

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