In President Abbas’s speech, he explains “why the conflict still rages after more than 100 years” [VIDEO]

Moving the Palestinian leadership from rejectionism to recognition
by Gregg Roman
January 25, 2018

Not once did Abbas mention the issues of land, borders, the settlements or the occupation. These are the issues that many in the West assume occupies the Palestinian leadership and are the prime motivators for the decades-long verbal and physical onslaught. However, it is clear that these issues were of little concern to Abbas. His sole target was Zionism, which he called “a colonialist enterprise.” In other words, Abbas, like Palestinian leaders before him, does not consider the lack of a Palestinian state to be the problem, but the reality and existence of a Jewish and democratic state. READ MORE

LEGAL INSURRECTION Over one-third of Palestinian terrorists freed in 2011 hostage deal returned to terror

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