“After five imams call for the murder of the “filthy” Jews, our collective response is so indiscernible that it can’t even be picked up on CNN”

At Least Five Imams in America Have Called for the Death of Jews; Where’s the Outrage?
by Micha Danzig
February 1, 2018

Barely six months ago — at the supposedly mainstream Islamic Center of Davis in Davis, California, an imam gave a sermon during which he plainly appeared…to exhort his congregants to pray for the mass murder of all Jews — and to even actively participate in genocide…At least five times in the last six months, five different imams in five different supposedly run-of-the-mill mosques throughout the US…have been caught on tape preaching about the alleged moral infirmity and evil of Jews, the filth of the Jews, and have called for the murder of Jews. READ MORE

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