May 12 Trump decision on Iran Deal will impact Iran’s plans for Israel

Trump Should Block Iran’s Air Corridor to Syria
by Emanuele Ottolenghi
March 2, 2018

Tehran’s brazen provocation may have been surprising, yet is a natural extension of Iranian efforts to transform Syria into a forward base for aggression against Israel….Assessments of Iran’s objectives in Syria often include the establishment of a land bridge — a continuous, unimpeded route over land from Tehran to the Mediterranean. This bridge would bind Syria and Lebanon to the regime in Tehran, ensuring their availability to serve as launching points for a war against Israel. Yet Iran does not need a land bridge: It already has an air corridor. READ MORE

THE TOWER Iran to Host “Hourglass Festival” in Anticipation of Israel’s Destruction within 25 Years

TEHRAN TIMES ‘Iran can resume nuclear enrichment to 20% purity in 2 days’

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