AIPAC and the Taylor Force Act, A nasty hit piece on AIPAC in the Washington Post, videos from 2018 policy conference

Why Isn’t AIPAC Lobbying for Taylor Force Act?
by Shmuley Boteach
March 6, 20188

Eighteen thousand people are here in the nation’s capitol to advocate for Israel. On Tuesday, they will fill the halls of Congress to lobby for important pro-Israel legislation, including legislation on BDS, which would punish countries and corporations who boycott Israel. That’s all highly admirable. But why did AIPAC, which supports the Taylor Force Act, choose not to lobby for Senate and Congressional passage of the act? READ MORE

WASHINGTON POST A nasty hit piece on AIPAC and Israel. Read this through and count the lies. Has the feel of Der Stürmer with all the coded words. The dark roots of AIPAC, ‘America’s Pro-Israel Lobby’: The group was formed to spin positive PR after Israeli atrocities. Shame on The Washington Post.

CLARION PROJECT West Point Grads Lobby Senate to End ‘Pay for Slay’

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