“As the modern Israeli state celebrates 70 years, the prevailing sentiment is one of extraordinary accomplishment” [VIDEO]

Israel’s First 70 Years Have Surprised the World
by Daniel Gordis
April 18, 2018

In November 1947, one day prior to the expected United Nations vote on partitioning Palestine into Jewish and Arab states, the CIA urged President Harry Truman not to throw his weight behind the idea. America would have to defend the new Jewish state when it faltered, the CIA’s secret memorandum warned, adding that “the Jews will be able to hold out no longer than two years.” Several months later, David Ben-Gurion was about to declare the establishment of the State of Israel. READ MORE


NATIONAL POST Barbara Kay: A gift for Israel’s birthday: a legal summary of its clear legitimacy “Making the case for Israel’s territorial and political rights involves a deep knowledge of Jewish and Arab history, understanding of the complexities around the reconstruction of the modern Middle East from the ashes of the Ottoman empire, and a plod through a litany of declarations, mandates, commissions, conferences and international legal documents that most Israel defenders aren’t even aware of, let alone able to deploy in debate with rhetorical economy”

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