John Mann speech details threats against his family for his support of UK Jewish community [VIDEO]

John Mann’s Speech on Anti-Semitism in the Commons
April 17, 2018

“… I didn’t expect today when Labour members stand in solidarity with our Jewish colleagues and Jewish communities, to be targeted by an organisation called Momentum, which has happened to all of us who stood in solidarity, but worse than that that, explicitly targeting Jewish members of the Parliamentary Labour Party because they are Jewish…We identified 13 years ago the three forms of anti-Semitism. Islamist anti-Semitism, traditional right anti-Semitism and the anti-Semitism of the new left, all documented and discussed in here. It is not new…“It does not end with me and my family, it does not end with British members of Parliament here, this stuff ends with what happened in Copenhagen, is what happens in Brussels, is what happened in France repeatedly including 4 weeks ago.” READ MORE

RABBI JONATHAN SACKS BLOG “But this week, there was an unprecedented debate about antisemitism in Parliament. Several MPs spoke emotionally about the abuse they’d received because they were Jews, or more scarily, because they’d fought antisemitism”

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