Stephens: “Jews cannot rely for their safety on the kindness of strangers, least of all French or German politicians” [VIDEO]

Jewish Power at 70 Years
by Bret Stephens
April 20, 2018

To be Jewish — at least visibly Jewish — in Europe is to live on borrowed time. That’s not to doubt the sincerity and good will of [Heiko] Maas or other European leaders who recommit to combating anti-Semitism every time a European Jew is murdered or a Jewish institution attacked. It’s only to doubt their capacity….The German government is mulling a proposal to require recent arrivals in the country to tour Nazi concentration camps as a way of engendering a feeling of empathy for Jews. It doesn’t seem to occur to anyone that, to the virulent anti-Semite, Buchenwald is a source of inspiration, not shame. READ MORE

JERUSALEM POST German CEO: Israel should no longer rely on Germany for its existence

JTA Don’t wear kippahs in public, top German Jewish leader says, suggesting instead that Jewish people living in the major cities should “wear a baseball cap or something else”

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