“Iranians aren’t willing to go hungry like North Koreans”

Squeeze Iran And It Will Cave Like North Korea, Top Israeli Says
by Ethan Bronner
April 28, 2018

If North Korea abandons its nuclear weapons, credit belongs to President Donald Trump for his aggressive rhetoric and increased sanctions — and a similar policy would defang Iran, a senior Israeli minister said. Intelligence Minister Yisrael Katz said Iran is even more vulnerable to such pressure than North Korea because it doesn’t yet have nuclear weapons, while its people are less cowed by their leaders and wouldn’t passively accept tighter economic sanctions. “If it happens in North Korea, it’s proof that this way works and will work with Iran,” Katz said in an interview in New York. READ MORE

TOWER Newly Confirmed Secretary of State Pompeo to Visit “Key Allies,” Including Israel, Next Week

YNET Benjamin Anthony: Israelis should trust Pompeo over the Jewish voices opposing him  For too long, secretaries of state have demonstrated ambivalence toward the State of Israel in times of greatest need…He is the one to trust, not the Jewish voices who oppose him.

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