“In overnight January raid, Israeli agents reportedly seized trove proving Iran was in defiance of nuclear deal and never followed up on pledge to abandon nuclear efforts”

NYT: Mossad operation exposed Iran’s clandestine nuclear archive
by Staff
May 1, 2018

…The senior Israeli official said that the Mossad identified the warehouse in February 2016 and maintained surveillance on the location. According to the official, operatives broke into the building in January [2017] and “removed the original documents and smuggled them back to Israel the same night.” Ultimately, the information seized was enough to produce over 55,000 printed pages and 183 compact discs. The official told The New York Times that U.S. President Donald Trump “was informed of the operation by the Mossad chief, Yossi Cohen, on a visit to Washington in January.” READ MORE

BLOOMBERG Israel Exposes Iran’s Nuclear Lies, and the Limits of U.S. Intelligence Advocating for a pact in 2015, John Kerry said American agencies had “absolute knowledge” about the regime’s past nuclear efforts. Oops. Add this to the long list of US intelligence failures: Collapse of Soviet Union, 9/11, Iraq, Arab Spring, Benghazi, Iranian nuke cheating, etc.

PJ MEDIA Obama’s National Security Council Spokesman Accuses Trump, Israelis of ‘Cooking Up’ Intel Tommy Vietor tweeted what appears to be an accusation that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Donald Trump falsified the trove of evidence about Iran’s covert nuclear weapons program…Vietor has long been a cheerleader for the JCPOA

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