“For the Europeans, Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran was always about the money”

America’s So-Called Allies
by Daniel Henninger
May 16, 2018

No one has suggested yet that the Trump withdrawal from Barack Obama’s nuclear-weapons deal will cause the sea level to rise, but we’re almost there. The chain reaction of post-withdrawal disasters cataloged by the global media includes the possibilities that Iran will race now toward building a nuclear weapon, that a war between Iran and Israel could engulf the Middle East, and that America has become “divided” from its allies. Then it got worse. One week later, the U.S. moved its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, creating more “friction” with our allies. READ MORE SUBSCRIPTION CONTENT

TIMES OF ISRAEL US vows ‘strongest sanctions in history’ on Iran, will ‘crush’ terror proxies ‘This is just the beginning’: Laying out strategy after exiting nuke deal, Pompeo says Iran must come clean about nuclear program, stop threatening Israel, leave Syria, halt terror

ARUTZ SHEVA Poland backs Trump on Iran Polish leaders planning to defend U.S. withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal within the European Union.

WALL STREET JOURNAL Iran, Get Ready for the Battle Rial The Trump administration has declared financial war on the regime. It’s a good bet America will win.

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