New State Solution calls for “the creation of a state for the Palestinian people in Gaza and a coastal section of the northern Sinai Peninsula”

The New State Solution: Turning Gaza Into an Opportunity for Regional Peace
by Amir Avivi
May 27, 2018

…Yet Gaza also constitutes the richest opportunity to end the Israel-Palestinian conflict. With the right policies, Gaza can become nothing less than the linchpin for regional security and prosperity…The New State Solution provides a solution to these problems. It champions a dramatically widened territory. It opens the door to massive economic development, including a seaport, airport, new cities in the Sinai, water desalination, and a new economic market. READ MORE

YNET Looking back, Gaza pullout was a mistake Had Israel remained in Gaza, the economic gap between the Palestinians in the strip and in the West Bank would have been narrowed, the PA would have maintained its rule, tens of thousands of Gazans would be working in Israel and the level of violence would have dropped.

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