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“Already a de-facto state, Gaza should be the anchor for a free, independent and sovereign Palestinian state, contiguous into the Sinai Peninsula, along the coastal plain, to El-Arish”

THE HILL Israeli-Palestinian conflict can end with the New State Solution by Benjamin Anthony, Amir Avivi and Nechemia Sokal May 29, 2019 …Israelis need a clearly defined strategy to end the conflict with the Palestinians, one that addresses the most … Continue reading

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The New State Solution: “Brokering an end to the Israel Palestinian conflict could bring the Egyptians back from the brink”

YNET Egypt: Kingmaker in a new Middle East by General Amir Avivi (Ret.) and Benjamin Anthony July 20, 2018 Over the past year, together with several retired Israeli security experts, we have written about, and spoken of, the need to … Continue reading

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New State Solution calls for “the creation of a state for the Palestinian people in Gaza and a coastal section of the northern Sinai Peninsula”

ALGEMEINER The New State Solution: Turning Gaza Into an Opportunity for Regional Peace by Amir Avivi May 27, 2018 …Yet Gaza also constitutes the richest opportunity to end the Israel-Palestinian conflict. With the right policies, Gaza can become nothing less … Continue reading

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