“Obama and his advisers, now seeking to shape his legacy, say they are proud they ditched the ‘Washington playbook’ and decided to stay out of the Sunni-Shia conflict in the Middle East. Only they didn’t. They intervened on behalf of Iran”

America’s Cash-for-Genocide Program in Syria
by Lee Smith
June 6, 2018

As The Atlantic excerpt makes clear, [Ben] Rhodes’ job is to whitewash the [Obama] White House’s role in the most devastating humanitarian catastrophe [Syria] of the 21st century. And that was only part of the price that the administration paid for the nuclear deal with Iran. Had the United States moved against Assad, there would have been no deal. As journalist Jay Solomon explained in 2016: “Iranian officials told me that even had the diplomats doing the negotiations wanted to stay in talks, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps would have pulled the plug.” READ MORE

NATIONAL REVIEW The Editors: More Deceit Uncovered in Iran Deal In short, the Obama administration lied…But when Obama administration officials couldn’t persuade Congress and the public of their outlook, they simply lied about it. We hear a great deal these days about the grave repercussions of presidential untruths—and rightly so. But the previous administration, it seems, perpetrated deliberate untruths with calamitous consequences for U.S. policy in the Middle East. We look forward to seeing that administration’s officials held accountable.

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